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    While 40 percent of adults are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana, a majority of them believe it should only be legal for adults over age 21, according to the survey results released Tuesday by the Partnership at Drugfree.org.
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    The issue is so divisive in Norway that it has split the ruling Labour Party: its young members in the AUF openly campaign against exploration, even though Labour Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has backed an impact assessment in the area, the first step in the process that would lead to drilling.
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    Alliance Defending Freedom, an Arizona-based group behind Proposition 8, filed a petition with the state's high court, urging the justices to order county clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and abide by the 2008 voter-approved ban.
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    "The union government has made the right noises but given that the UPA (Congress-led United Progressive Alliance) government in Delhi depends on the Samajwadi Party&#039;s support, can it really go against the state government? Perhaps it can with your support," says the paper.
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    Rodriguez has been suspended for 211 games by MLB commissioner Bud Selig for violating the collectively bargained drug program in 2010, 2011 and 2012, a suspension he is fighting through arbitration. If the leak can be substantiated, according to sources familiar with baseball's drug program, it could be powerful evidence that Rodriguez impeded Selig's investigation into Biogenesis.
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    Robert Zimmerman, Jr. tweeted the news to his more than 24,000 followers just after 5 p.m: "According to Shellie's atty Kelly Sims - Shellie is preparing to file 4 divorce. Docs have not yet been filed in Seminole Cty. Pray 4 them."
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    Effects of the shutdown had begun to weigh on defense contractors. Lockheed Martin Corp. on Friday announced plans to furlough 3,000 workers on Monday and said it could be forced to take additional steps if the government didn't get back to normal business soon.
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    She added: “Growth was comfortably above inflation and higher than the UK average, suggesting that sunshine and cautious optimism about the economy put many of us in the mood to stock up on seasonal, barbecue and celebratory food.
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    A spokeswoman for Cheltenham College told the Telegraph: "At every stage during the period of illness in January we kept Jack's family informed; when Jack highlighted that he had been having 'dark thoughts' we immediately informed the family and recommended that Jack should be at home in their care until better.
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    Part of that decline related to the operations of Britannia Capital Investment Group – or BCIG, as it was known internally. BCIG was the society’s specialist lending subsidiary, which dealt with making commercial property loans and specialist retail mortgages to individuals or companies who were not members of the society. In the 12 months to 2008, impairment losses from BCIG stood at £56.8m, set against just £1m in the society’s bread-and-butter membership business.
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    According to calculations from the Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Human Needs, residents in the 70112 zip code, which includes the Treme neighborhood, had the highest rates of cardiovascular mortality, stroke mortality, and diabetes mortality. It was also the poorest zip code in the city, with the third largest population of people over 25 without a high school diploma.
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    Hundreds of opposition supporters threw rocks at the police, forcing them to leave. One of the police officers fell off the back of a fleeing vehicle and was beaten by members of the mob before being taken to safety.
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    "If we can say &#039;Yes, Labour has learned, and Labour is on your side&#039; then this scheme will work. But if our people - our members - are unclear as to the answer then no amount of persuading will get them to sign up."
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    Europe's biggest airline is in no rush to find a new CEO andwill also consider company outsiders for the top job after CEOChristoph Franz said last week that he would quit, Welt amSonntag reported, citing chairman Wolfgang Mayrhuber.
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    Hernandez Llach's father, Israel Hernandez Bandera, is awaiting a medical examiner's report that could reveal the cause of death. The report's findings are being withheld because of a civil suit the family filed accusing the police of excessive force. Such withholding is normal when suits are filed.
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    While most House Republicans have remained firmly opposed toreopening the government without some changes to Obamacare,Republicans in Democratic-leaning states have been trying tobuild support for a revolt against that stance.
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    Despite firefighting efforts, wildfires nationally have burned more than 960 homes and 30 commercial buildings nationwide this year, according to the fire center. And 30 firefighters have died in the effort, including 19 hotshots at Yarnell, Ariz., in July. The annual average over the past 10 years is 17 dead.
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    Singapore Exchange Ltd suspended trading inLionGold on Friday, along with Blumont Group Ltd andAsiasons Capital Ltd after a plunge in their shareprices. The bourse said on Sunday that it would allow trading inthose stocks to resume subject to restrictions including a banon short selling. (Reporting by Rachel Armstrong; Editing by Edwina Gibbs)
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    The attacks have spread this year into Myanmar's heartland, ravaging several other cities. At the same time, a Buddhist-led campaign called "969" has taken root nationwide. Its supporters urge Buddhists to shop only at Buddhist stores and avoid marrying, hiring or selling their homes or land to Muslims.
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    The people of these countries are as hardworking as the people of any other country and they deserve better. Mrs Merkel is right in pressing their governments to provide better management and financial structures for their people.
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    “I can think of so many times that the competitiveness of Andy Pettitte has come out in what he’s done, and it’s been a great example for everyone around him,” Girardi said, adding that the lefty’s late-season surge has been “vintage” Pettitte.
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    Among those who don't, six in 10 say they plan to get insurance in the next six months, though most say that's not because of the new law. Just 3% say the law has had a positive effect on them or their families. One in four predict it will have a positive effect in coming years.
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    Wireless transmissions are not readily available “because they are geographically limited and fail to travel far beyond the walls of the home or office where the access point is located,” the court said.
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